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I'm Dr. Gergő Érdi (Érdi Gergő in the original Hungarian order of surname first), born in Budapest and living in Singapore since 2011.

I graduated from Semmelweis University of Medicine with an MD in 2005. Meanwhile, in 2003 I also started studying at the Computer Science faculty of Eötvös Loránd University, and got my CS master's degree in 2011.

Between 2005 and 2011, I've worked at Intentional Software. Since 2011, I'm currently at Standard Chartered Bank.

Retrocomputing with Clash: Haskell for FPGA Hardware Design

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Rust on the MOS 6502: Beyond Fibonacci

18 September 2021 (programming rust llvm c64 retro)

On August 15th, the following answer showed up on the Retrocomputing Stack Exchange site:

llvm-mos compiles a considerable subset of C++ to 6502 machine code out of the box. IIRC it's just missing "runtime support"; things like RTTI, exceptions, and the runtime layout of VTables. [...]

I came across this answer about a week later, so just in time for ICFP 2021 to start. I also had my Haskell Love talk coming up, and I really wanted to get the RetroClash page in shape by then, so that I can direct people there at the end of my talk.

But still! LLVM, and consequently, Rust, on a C64! Damn if that isn't the perfect nerd-sniping for me. So I looked around to find this forum post that shows compiling a Rust implementation of the Fibonacci function and linking it with a small C main. I've reproduced their code here in a Git repo for easier fiddling.

So after ICFP, although other things kept piling up, including a GM-ing gig playing Trail of Cthulhu's excellent The Dance in the Blood and coordinating with the awesome David Thinnes on getting Arrow DECA support into clash-pong in time for Haskell Love, I carved out a weekend to dust off my Rust-on-AVR CHIP-8 implementation to try to get it running on the C64.

Full code on GitHub

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These days, I'm mostly just writing small programs for fun, or throw-away code relevant to some theoretical subjects I happen to get interested in in the field of functional programming, and then push them to my GitHub repos or write about them in my blog. Ones you might find interesting include:

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