Download Guikachu

Binary packages

Windows installer

Here are Windows installer packages written with NSIS. Note that you'll also have to download and install the GTKmm 2.8 runtime.

Linux packages

The following binary packages are also available (these are created by independent parties, don't mail me about them):


To install Guikachu, you will also need these software packages:

Most of these packages are all included in the GNOME 1.4 platform, if you have GNOME 1.4 installed, you are all set up for Guikachu (you may need to upgrade GNOMEmm). You will also need the following packages to make real use of Guikachu:

Release Archive

The following releases of Guikachu are available for download:

SVN access

You can also get Guikachu from the GNOME SVN server. Just use the following command line:

$ svn checkout guikachu

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