RSS feeds to ease transition from Advogato

2 October 2006 (meta advogato)

Advogato was the original blogger site for Free Software developers. It's such a high-class place that I remember the time when we, the users of Advogato, even protested against the label blog, because it felt like much more serious business.

Over all these years, I maintained my diary at Advogato, sometimes with year-long hiatuses, reading the entries of fellow Free Software developers, mostly keeping an eye on my friends from the GNOME project. Unfortunately, as I took a job as a programmer, I began losing the free time to hack on GNOME and related projects, and people were already moving off from Advogato to their own blog sites -- thus, I stopped reading Advogato, and even started to keep my own log here on my own site.

And this is why it was only last week that I saw the article announcing the demise of Advogato. Even though I've been neither an avid reader nor a prolific writer for a long time, I felt sadness. I decided to do something about it -- following a link in the article, I found Planet Advogato, a blog aggregator for former Advogato users. Which is why I wrote an RSS transformation for my home-brewn static blog engine.

So if you're using a browser with RSS support, you should see a link to the RSS feed in the address bar. Just click on the orange icon to subscribe to my blog.

Last minute update: After I've written the above, I checked Advogato again to see if there's any news regarding the site's future. It seems Advogato is staying up, with the help of Steven Rainwater. Yay for happy endings!

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