Writing GNOME panel applets using the GTK+/GTK-- widget set

Gerg§ ╔rdi


This document describes how to use the libpanel-applet library to write GNOME panel applets. It assumes the reader to have proficiency in the GTK+ or the GTK-- library. The SGML original can be found here.

Table of Contents
Changes from an average GTK application
Customizing the menu
Compiling the applet
Supplemental files
A. Links and helpful files


If you've used GNOME before (or seen screenshots), you've undoubtly noticed the GNOME panel which dominates one or more edges of the screen. You can add application launchers, menus, and applets to it. A panel applet is a small program that uses some portion of the GNOME panel to display its user interface. There are some basic applets in the standard gnome-panel distribution, like the pager, or a sound mixer control.

The library we'll use to create similar applets is called libpanel-applet. It allows seamless integration of GTK widgets into the panel. Of course you'll need both the runtime and the compile-time version (usually marked as -dev or -devel in distributions)